Quick Start

Scroll down for a quick overwiev of ClipCount 3D

ClipCount 3D Quick Start Guide

After downloading and installing, ClipCount 3D activates automatically.
All you need to do to start using use ClipCount is:

  1. Open any file or web page that contains selectable text.
  2. Highlight the passage you want to count and press “CTRL+SHIFT+C”.

ClipCount will immediately display the results in the bottom right corner of the screen.

To open the Settings, please right-click the ClipCount icon in the system tray and select “Settings”.

In the settings, you will be able to set the parameters of ClipCount:

  • whether the program starts with Windows,
  • whether it skips numbers in the copied text,
  • the hotkey combinations used by ClipCount,
  • the units used for counting (including the creation of custom units),
  • the transparency and duration of the results popup.